Thomas Wisnaskas, PE

Managing Director
Lexington, MA

Thomas (Tom) Wisnaskas spent 13 years in night school attending Northeastern University earning his engineering degree while working full-time, buying his first home and starting his most impressive project to date – his family. Now, there are nights he may lay awake until he can solve those problem projects. In his 35-year career, Tom has consistently succeeded when faced with even the most impossible of challenges: by designing 500,000-sf of corporate office space for 3COM within two months, by converting a 180,000-sf office into a functional lab for Perceptive Bio Systems and by fitting the office and lab systems into 400 Tech Square, where low floor to floor height made systems programming nearly impossible. But Tom loves a challenge. He enjoys biking, diving, skiing and taking things apart simply to see how they work. He has consistently satisfied his adventurous spirit and natural curiosity in his role at AHA. In an industry where nearly every project is a prototype, project challenges can often seem overwhelming. But through honesty, hard work, responsiveness, collaboration and his easy can do attitude, Tom consistently tackles project challenges and exceeds clients’ expectations.

  • Northeastern University
    Bachelors of Science
    Mechanical Engineering

    Northeastern University
    Associates Degree
    Engineering Technology