Providing effective Computational Fluid Dynamics. AHA’s professional engineers are versed in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling to effectively analyze building airflow and temperature to provide for optimal system performance and reduce maintenance costs. New and innovative building designs using today’s Green Technologies are becoming a standard. AHA incorporates innovative solutions to make our Client’s buildings energy efficient. To do this we use our in-house CFD Modeling, which provides practical feedback even at the conceptual design stage. With this Modeling process, AHA is able to explore the value of alternative designs without actually building the system; thus, saving time and cost. We collaborate on projects with LEED consultants to provide innovative system design solutions that not only meet design expectations, but also surpass them.

We help our Clients increase efficiency and provide for long lasting and healthy building environments.

Service Leader:

Jesse Foley, PE, LEED AP

Mechanical Department Manager
Atlanta, GA