AHA Covid-19 Response

AHA has spent considerable time determining ways that we can help “promote healthier indoor air.” The attached memo describes those features.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected the building design and construction industry. Construction sites are shut down. Owners are experiencing potential delays in project schedules while government agencies may not be able to authorize building and process permits. As an industry, architects and engineers have been able to adjust how we work with minimal visits to the job site.

With the known mechanisms of transmission of corona viruses, specifically Covid-19, we here at AHA are willing to provide on-site inspection of HVAC systems to identify maintenance issues and recommend features to add to the systems to promote healthier indoor air. We have found that the following features may offer benefits in the improvement of the interior air:

– Proper Filtration

– Ventilation Rates and Methods

– Space Relative Humidity

– UVC Treatment