Three Big Events During an Exciting Earth Week 2024!

We rebranded, visually solidifying our commitment to creating environmental conscious, sustainable spaces!

Our Bob Andrews served as a panelist on the Bisnow Boston BERDO 2.0’s 2025 Deadline: Shaping Short-Term Development Strategies Event. Bob deftly displayed his expertise about how energy consuming systems impact greenhouse gas emissions, and his extensive knowledge of how to utilize the latest technology in meeting municipal energy use reporting requirements (in this case Boston’s BERDO requirement).

Bob Andrews (far right), along with panelists from Harvard University, Columbia Construction, the City of Boston, WinnCompanies, and Eversource Energy, at BisNOW’s Building a Sustainable Boston event.

We got news that we guided 599 Somerville, a new 43,200 SF lab/office core & shell with three floors with high ceilings and an open, spacious floorplan that can accommodates a flexible 60%/40% layout that to an approved by The City of Somerville Office of Sustainability and Environment as LEED Platinum Certifiable.

599 Somerville’s LEED PLATINUM Certifiable approval letter from the City of Somerville!