Nima Azad’s Autodesk AU2023 conference panel received recognition in the Best of AU 2023 Awards: Top-Rated Class and Speakers

Nima, AHA’s BIM/VDC Director, recently attended the Autodesk University 2023 conference and served as a panelist on the session: BIMigration: Transforming AECO Through Immigration, Diversity, and Technology. The session focused on the panelists’ experiences maneuvering through the AEC industry and the unique situations they’ve faced in adapting to new environments, cultures, and practices while providing excellence in their respective fields. Their conversation provided insights into how diversity, equity, and inclusion positively impacts companies, including AHA: our culture, and how AHA is perceived in the AEC industry.

Watch Nima, and his fellow panelists, here.

Nima’s panel was recognized in the Best of AU 2023 Awards: Top-Rated Classes and Speakers

“We live and work in a time of rapid transformation—and learning is how we adapt. The Best of AU 2023 Class Awards celebrate the power of professional learning for those in the Design and Make industries—and the presenters that make it possible.    

“Winners were selected based on class survey data and attendee comments. To keep data equal regardless of class size, they must meet a minimum survey response rate based on attendance. To be eligible, speakers had to submit all class materials required for their format (handout, presentation, video).”