Safer spaces for seniors during COVID

The COVID-19 Pandemic’s impact on the world can not be overstated. The greatest impact has been on our senior population. Creating environments that follow best practice protocols and provide residents with a sense of safety are at the heart of our client’s minds. PruittHealth and Peachtree Hills Place are just two clients that have engaged us to increase their residents safety.

PruittHealth, a leading provider of Skilled Nursing and Long Term Rehabilitation facilities throughout the Southeast called on AHA to manage a design-build study and renovation project to convert one wing of its facility into an isolation wing. To do this safely, it required creating three separate HVAC zones, along with the addition of ultraviolet lighting to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19.

Peachtree Hills Place provides the full continuum of senior care on its campus, from Independent Living to secure Memory Care. AHA is evaluating five of Peachtree’s buildings with the goal of applying clean air technologies including air filtration, increased ventilation, and adding ultraviolet lights to reduce viruses, pathogens and airborne bacteria. ┬áThese are some of the efforts AHA has implemented to upgrade HVAC airflow systems with higher levels of filtration and air cleanliness that may help to protect our seniors during the pandemic.

For more information about our efforts, see our COVID-19 and Healthier Air webpage.