March 14, 2019

Pi (3.14) Day 2019

It was nice to take a quick break and enjoy some delicious (key lime, lemon meringue, pecan, and apple) pie. Thanks, Pi. #beyondengineering Read More

February 20, 2019

STEM Day 2019

Today, our Lexington office hosted 19 children for our 4th annual STEM Day. AHA’s Marty Holloran and Mike Champagne, along with Ribon Therapeutics, MITRE Corporation, and the Russian School of Mathematics, offered wisdom and fun activities to spark interest in science, technology, ... Read More

September 26, 2018

AHA Swings Fore the 4th Annual STEM Golf Outing

Conleth O’Flynn participated in the Georgia BioEd Institute’s 4th Annual Swings Fore STEM Golf Outing at the Manor Club.  The event will allow GaBioEd to move forward with 2 Equipment Days this month supplying classrooms for 24 teachers and impacting nearly 5,000 students.   ... Read More

May 3, 2017

AHA and Augmented Reality

AHA’s BIM Department has been driving our use of Augmented Reality (AR) applications to move from straightforward incorporation of 2D information – such as plan drawings – towards more complex 3D models. AR is a technology for navigating virtual models, images, or information that make up... Read More

October 27, 2016 by AHA Consulting Engineers

When Energy Engineering Matters Most

Founded in 1992, Alexion Pharmaceuticals is an international biopharmaceutical company that is dedicated to transforming the lives of people afflicted with devastating and rare diseases. In their facilities across the globe, Alexion Pharmaceuticals develops and delivers breakthrough treatments that... Read More